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Monday, August 15, 2011

International Film Festival Never Ends!

While the Summer International Film Festival will end this week it is by no means the end of free international film presentations at the Library! It's just not as often. The Summer program, which had its last showing on Aug. 17 with the Italian film Look At Me, offers a different film each week, twice. The rest of the year movie goers get a different film each month, twice.  Times are always 2 p.m. on Sunday and 6:30p.m. on Wednesday.  The movies are advertised as popular films from the country of origin. Every film has English subtitles, unless of course they from an English-speaking country. Refreshments from home are always welcome. Just keep it neat and not too noisey.
I thought I would give the festival a try recently and brought my teenaged daughter with me to see the Austrailian film Jindabyne.  We brought a bag of popped kettlecorn, two bottled soft drinks, and some bagged candy - all the standard artillery for any movie fan.  We did enjoy our experience but we also learned a few things to share that will enchance the experience of anyone who joins us next time.

 Most importantly, the official start of the viewing is 6:30 p.m. SHARP on Wednesday nights!  The doors to Meeting Room A/B open at 6:25 p.m. Timing is strict because some films run longer than others and the Library closes at 9 p.m.  Period. We got there at 6:45 p.m. and had to slink in under the cover of darkness.  We also had to very carefully open our popcorn bag but it still sounded as loud as a car crash to me as the audience was already hushed and watching the serious film. Don't be late!
Well, no one kicked us out or gave us the stink eye as far as I could tell, but I'll be early next time. 

We settled into our seats with our snacks. We sat in the middle row, off to the right, near the room entrance. While not cinema sized, the screen is larger than your average large screen TV and is viewed easily from any seat in the room. Visability was excellent.  Room temperature may be another issue.  For whatever reason the temperature in this room can be very cool and you may want to bring along a light sweater.  My mother told me I should always bring along a little sweater where ever I go in life anyway so I've already got the sweater whether I am at the Library or not. I think I may have been the only one in the room wearing a sweater, but I was comfortable.

The Fall International Film Festival begins on Sunday, Sept. 18 with a Portuguese film The House of Sand.  Remember that when summer is over there is only one new movie a month, instead of each week.  To read a short description of upcoming films, as well as details such as rating and length, you can click on this link
 or go to our website  to find the link there. The films in the Festival are usually for grownups, so please check the details of a particular movie before bringing along anyone under age 17.

In conclusion, my daughter (she is age 18) and I would give our experience two thumbs up. Not world travelers, we both got a kick out of seeing a film popular from a far off land that neither of us have ever visited.  To some extent, its a virtual travel experience as you dip a toe into a different culture by way of the film.  Most importantly, it's free fun! 

 If you would rather see an international film of your choice, in the privacy of your own home you can do that too, but you'll need to pay a dollar for a one-week rental.  Just choose from the our extensive collection near the Checkout Desk.  The rental fee helps the Library maintain as well as add to its selection of movies.  

I hope I see you next month for House of Sand.

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