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Monday, August 1, 2011

Grownups Get Special Attention Too!

With all of the programs the Library offers for children, teens, and tweens a person might not notice that right there in the middle of the day in the middle of the week are 90 minutes just for grownups.  It's called Wednesday Wisdom. Every Wednesday at 1:30 p.m. is "a program of interest just for adults." 

It may be a lecture, a documentary film, a discussion about a play or book, or something completely different.  Some programs are educational and informative and some are just for fun such as the sudoku class I recently attended on my lunch hour. The tips I learned were so simple and yet helped me to be much more successful than before.  Thanks Barb!

During this summer the weekly Wisdom programs all complement the adults' Summer Reading Novel Destinations theme. One week I learned about the benefits of guided tours from a local travel agent.  I am (thinking of ) planning a trip for my mother and I to Ireland in the near future.  She is older and not very mobile.  While I know I can get plenty of facts from the Internet, it was much more helpful and fun for me to actually meet and talk directly with an expert. I was able to explain my plan's particular challenges and get quick, to-the-point-of-the-matter answers on the spot from a friendly face.

In July Wisdom presented programs on digital photography, cruises, and vacation journaling and sketching.  In August I'm hoping to use my lunch hour to hear from local vacation experts about romantic vacations and adventure vacations. 

If you are able to attend one of these fun and informative travel-related programs, please do! It is time well spent.  You are welcome to bring your lunch with you!  If you can't make it we do have brochures and information from these travel programs available to peruse at the Information Desk. While visiting the Desk you will also notice the Book Review entry forms. Fill one out and submit it for a chance at our weekly prize drawing! Also, while at the Desk you can register for our International Food Tasting =  the Wisdom program on Aug. 24. To register for the Tasting by phone, call 732-329-4000,ext. 7286.

Wednesday Wisdom will host this "Summer Slammer" and Open House (Grownups Only!) on Aug. 24 to mark the end of this year's Summer Reading for Adults. The Party will include food, fun and games, plus the International Food Tasting.  Stop by the party and talk about what you read this summer. Participation in the Food Tasting does requires registration, but the party does not.  See you there!

Remember, Summer Reading programs may be coming to a close but Wednesday Wisdom happens every week throughout the year.  Every Wednesday at 1:30 p.m. To find out what's ahead, just check our bi-monthly Compass newsletter available in the Library and online at  Also, check the newsletter for other programs the Library offers for adults that might interest you.  We have a variety of ongoing and changing new programs for adults at different days and times each week.

All Wednesday Wisdom programs are sponsored by the Friends of the Library.  Thanks Friends for making this and many other programs at the SBPL possible!


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