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Friday, December 7, 2012

Surprising(ly) Easy Ombre Cake

Last week at the Library we had a retirement party for Chris from the Children's Department.  She loves the color purple, and one of her coworkers, Jen, asked me to make her a cake, preferably purple.  When I dropped off the cake in the party room, I could see that Jen was disappointed:  the cake I had made was chocolate with multicolored sprinkles all over.  I wrote on it - "Chris, have a colorful retirement".

But, trooper that she is, Jen said nothing, just oh, that's nice.  Ha, ha, I thought, I won't tell her the inside of the cake is purple ombre:  shades of purple from dark to light.

I left the party, as I had to prepare for teaching my class. Jen burst in to the Meeting Room laughing - You tricked us!  The cake is purple!  It was great, apparently everyone at the party was surprised when they cut the cake. Awesome:  better than the awful Rutgers football loss last night when the quarterback threw a long pass right into the arms of a Louisville defender.

You win some, you lose some.  This presentation, however,  I would call a definite winner.  To make this cake, prepare 2 boxes of white cake mix.  If you want it to be truly white, with the colors added, only use egg whites, not whole eggs.  (I wanted the cake to be a little richer, so I prepared each box cake with 1 stick of melted butter and 3 whole eggs.)  I weighed the cake batter, and divided it into five.  The first I left plain, the next I added a drop or two of purple food dye (the kind in a little jar, made by Wilton, available at any Michael's or just use liquid dye from the food store).  To the next layer, I added more, etc. Easy!  I also used a mix of raspberry preserves and orange marmalade for the filling, and then frosted it with chocolate frosting, and covered it all with tons of sprinkles (Costco!).

I found the inspiration for this cake from one of our new books, Cupcakes and Cashmere, by Emily Schumann.  The book was created from a blog by the same name, and is a fun, quick read with lots of young, trendy info on style, decorating and entertaining. Get it in our Library!

Diane Whitman
Reference Librarian
Lifelong Rutgers Fan     


South Brunswick Public Library Blog said...

Thanks so much for baking this cake Diane! Worth every calorie off the diet!!!

South Brunswick Public Library Blog said...

Thanks, I was worried whether the colors would turn out alright. When I put the food coloring into the batter, the batter looked kind of gray instead of purple, but it worked! Glad you liked it!