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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Gale It!

Don't get me wrong. Google is wonderful for many searches.  But it is nice to know that you can also use another wonderful free library source called Gale Virtual Library. When you are looking for that hard to find information think Gale  instead of Google. Gale Virtual Reference Library is available from South Brunswick Library's Databases. You can browse the shelves by subject or you can type in a search.

The Encyclopedia of Landforms comes in handy when all of the library's books on landforms are checked out and students still needed to do the assignment. Find this on the Environment Shelf.

Mystery writers can get period detail using Gale's American Decades . This is one of the many eBooks on the History Shelves.

If you browse the Religion shelves you will find: The New Catholic Encylopedia, Encyclopedia Judaica, Encyclopedia of BuddhismEncyclopedia of Islam and the Muslim World, World Religions and Contemporary  American Religions.

Career information is available in Gale Virtual Library's 13 volume Career Information Center.  You can find it on the Education Shelves.

Just type binary code in Gale Virtual Reference and you will get an amazing explanation and history from Real Life Math.

For help with Gale Virtual Reference or with any other questions contact us today.

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