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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Adult Summer Reading Contest

When Daddy Took Us Camping
 by Archana Sidhaye
We had a great time at the Adult Summer Reading Creative Writing Workshop on Tuesday.  We created Book Spine Poetry!  Here are a few of our best works.  I am turning this into a contest this summer and everyone is invited to participate!

After Dark by Archana Sidhaye
All you have to do is find some book titles that work together to make a joke, a poem or just a fun saying.  If you want some inspiration, put the words “Book Spine Poetry” in a Google image search and read through all of the results that come up.  But you really can’t realize how fun (and easy) it is until you try it ourself!
Go through the books on your shelf, or on our shelves, and write down all the interesting titles that jump out at you.  Make a note of the call letters or numbers so that when you have your final idea, you can gather the actual books for a photo.  Stack them up in order and snap a photo of your creation by August 15, 2012.  Send it to, with your name, email and age (if under 18) and you will be entered in our contest and your poem will be posted in the library and on our website.  All of the entries submitted will be posted on the library website at  

Summer Memories by Barbara Battles
In our next Creative Writing Workshop on Tuesday, July 10 in Program Room 1A/1B at 2:00 we will start to write our stories or memoirs – recording our thoughts “Between the Covers” of the book of your life!  I heard Michael Phelps this morning describe how he has kept a journal of his experiences on the road to becoming the athlete with the most gold medals in the Olympics.  He said he was not a writer but he has enjoyed putting down his thoughts and impressions.  What a legacy he will have to pass on to his family, and maybe share with the world. And it is never too late to start.  We will discuss some ways to make the task easier, starting with some meditation and then looking at resources that are on the Internet and in books available at the library.  Bring your laptop if you find it easier to type, or bring your favorite writing instrument and make this a pleasurable assignment.  Paper and pens will be available if you don’t bring one. 
Body Parts by Dr. Nose

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