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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Stroll Through E-Books

Are the kids at school and you have a moment of downtime?  Is it a week night and you are looking for something different to do? Can't sleep, the house is quiet and nothing is open?

Visit the E-Branch of the South Brunswick Library Website any time, night or day.
Go to the E-Branch and enter  E-Books & More to browse our virtual stacks filled with e-books, audiobooks, reference books, magazines and  newspapers.

Click on ELibraryNJ and login to flip through the new or recently returned e-books and audiobooks.

Head over to the Gale Virtual Reference Library collection with those burning research questions. Search by keyword or browse the e-books by subject after you login with your library card number.

If you are taking a test for work or school go to the Learning Express Library collection for test prep guides, classes and practice tests.  Computer software training is there too.

Scroll down the aisle of  E-Books , past the Children's Books, and find the magazine and newspaper collections.

EbscoHost Masterfile has over 1,750 magazines, journals and general reference publications with full text information dating as far back as 1975 including Consumer Reports and other popular magazines. Search by keyword or browse by publication title.

Ebsco Newspaper Source Plus has over 700 full-text newpapers including New York Times (from January 1985 to present), Christian Science Monitor, Irish Times (Ireland), San Francisco Chronicle, The Sydney Morning Herald (Australia), The Times (UK), Toronto Star, USA Today, The Washington Post, The Washington Times (DC), and others.

You can even ask a question at the Virtual Information Desk by clicking on Help.
Hope you have enjoyed this short stroll through our E-Books.

Faites une agréable promenade et à bientôt ! Did I mention you can study a foreign language from our Language Database Webpage?

Submitted by Mary Donne Head of Information Services

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