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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

All are Welcome to Attend the De-Clutter and Savings Club March 1

There has been an ongoing monthly program offered here in the library for the past few years, The South Brunswick Public Library De-Clutter Club. The group meets on the first Thursday of every month, at 7:00 p.m. in Program Room 1B. The group started just after Jamie Novak gave her first presentation here in the library about three years ago. Jamie Novak has been seen on television and currently is a visiting blogger about organization on Martha Stewart's website. Jamie has spoken here in the library several times and has drawn a large crowd of obviously like-minded individuals that all deal with the same issues of keeping up with the clutter of modern day living - from the junk mail to the overload of information that seems to never let up! There have been several other organizing experts come to talk to the public, requested by the De-Clutter Club and these programs have all been generously sponsored by the Friends of the South Brunswick Public Library. 

The group has grown (usually at the beginning of the year when resolutions are still fresh in people's minds) and shrunk (when the busy holiday seasons become overwhelming) over time and the conversation sometimes drifts into other topics related to organizing and de-cluttering. One of the things that has been discussed is ways to earn some money from de-cluttering such as having a garage sale or selling items on eBay and being able to put a little more money in our pockets either by not spending on things we don't need (or might already own somewhere in the house) or by earning a few dollars by passing along our excess has always been a popular outcome of organized living. 

Therefore, we are going to "officially" open the discussion to include these cost saving and cost cutting ideas starting with learning how to use coupons and other similar deals easily and wisely. A resident of South Brunswick and one of our frequent patrons, who has been living the frugal life for a while, has agreed to share her knowledge and lead the group into this new topic. Kathy W. Quinto-David will join us on March 1 and together we can plan how to morph into this new topic. I think that Kathy's ideas about living well on less and still remembering to be generous to our neighbors is a great direction to go and I hope we will get some new faces to join in the discussion along with our faithful, long-time club members.

Happy Leap Day tomorrow!

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