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Monday, October 3, 2011

Running With the Library

 Running fast is something I will probably never be capable of.  I have accepted this fact.  I am "a middle age," a former smoker, nutritionally challenged, have  mild asthma, and am not gifted with athletic genes.  However,  I can always run better.  In fact my 5K time improved at a race just this past weekend to just under 38 minutes. My secret weapon? The Library of course!

Most people might not think of the Library as a place to improve running time and endurance, but it is the best place to begin. We carry Runners World magazine, alongwith related publications such as Sports Illustrated and Shape, depending on your objectives.

Our shelves hold running related how-to books, biographies, and movies to inspire and instruct. You will find training tips and guides here by some of the greatest runners of all time.

Your running companions at the Library include the great Jeff Galloway,  Kara Goucher, Amby Burfoot, Bart Yasso, Art Liberman, Bill Rodgers, Alberto Salazar, and Hal Higdon. Your choice!

You will find the biographies in their own aisle next to the World Language section at SBPL.  The running books are located in the Dewey section 796.4, specifically the bottom shelf of Stack 38.

And of course its all free with your Library card.

by  Rosemary Gohd
SBPL staff member & weekend runner

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Anonymous said...

really inspirational, even if you're not a runner - thanks!