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Monday, September 12, 2011

September is Library Card Sign-Up Month

 What is plastic, flat and rectangular, fits in your wallet, enables unlimited possibilities, yet no debt?  A library card of course!  All through September libraries across the country are reminding people of all the wonders granted by a little bit of plastic called a library card.

"There is no better complement to educational endeavors and
no better resource for affordable pleasures."

Having a library card gives the holder access to so much for so little that some call it the “smart card.”

In addition to the expected print materials, such as books and magazines, cardholders at South Brunswick Public Library can find us here seven days a week and can access many of our online services 24/7.

Cardholders can use the Internet, borrow music and movies, travel guides and maps, audio books, computer games, and popular magazines. They can even find a lot of that in several different foreign languages! Of course we also offer e-books and a host of other services for mobile devices. Just ask one of our professionals at the Information Desk for more details.

Many “eons” ago people thought of librarians as bookworms living a lonely life of quiet desperation. Not so! Today’s librarian is an information specialist worldly wise in all areas including electronic, print, and audio-visual. As our motto says, we are your “guide to discovery.”

For hundreds of more ideas on how to use your library card, just go onto our website You’ll find connections to tutoring, job searches, online language learning, and career exploration just for starters!

Studies show that children who use the library do perform better in school and are more likely to continue to use the library as a source of lifetime learning. However, children can also checkout games, and other fun stuff.

Adults have some benefits too. We offer adult book clubs in the afternoon and the evening. We host numerous programs and clubs on topics including the international cinema, photography, de-cluttering, poetry, computer problems and basic skills, needle crafts, and so on!

The library is the place to meet like-minded individuals and pursue your passion.

Not sure how to begin? Just ask one of our librarians aka “guides” for help. How about finding a new job, learning basic computer skills and Facebook, losing weight, fixing your car, building a backyard deck, or managing your money?

Popular magazines? We’ve got ‘em! Information for new Americans? We’ve got that too!

Don’t forget our library also offers curbside service with our Bookmobile. For more information about all of our services, visit our website:

The observance of Library Card Sign-up Month was launched in 1987 as a national campaign to ensure every child has a library card.

According to the American Library Association, an estimated two-thirds of all Americans already do have a library card. If you’re not one of them, pick yours up today. It’s easy.

SBPL requires a card to check out any materials. To get a card for yourself or child, please have some form of identification that shows your address, such as a driver’s license. First-time library cards are free. Apply for your card today on the Bookmobile or in the library at the Check-out Desk. For questions, call (732) 329-4000 ext. 7290.

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